It’s been almost a year since my cross-country move to beautiful California, and I find myself grateful and excited, as I reflect on a 2013 chalked full of adventure and learning. It has been a year of many unknowns and new experiences, from which I have met some amazing people!

This spring, I spent several months on the set of AMC’s Mad Men in a recurring role as an office secretary. Catching a cold from Christina Hendricks and tap dancing with Jon Hamm will remain some of my favorite memories! Alas, my short hair, which I initially thought might limit me, proved to be just the right look for this 1960’s hit show. And, I am finally SAG eligible! Hooray!

Once again, my all-women comedy troupe has taken me all over the gorgeous country! This year, I will be performing in Austin, Denver, Portland, Orlando, and Sarasota. Love and thanks always to this gem in my life.

This fall will be another big push for me as I will be looking to extend my representation from commercial to theatrical and voiceover. I continue to dabble in some comedy projects, as well as singing and gigging in Hollywood with ‘Kristen Lynn and the Ashkatz’ as a back-up vocalist.

Thank you for visiting my page and stay tuned for upcoming shenanigans! Love and light.